Aberdeen Photographer turning her attention on nature

When Martha Mehlhaff went to the Northern State University, she stayed like normal college student, though she was in her 50s. Martha spent her junior year saying in one of the Northern’s residence halls. She stayed on Briscoe Hall’s 3rd floor. She told that she wanted to experience the full gamut of college life.

Other students in the college looked at her as a kind of house mother. At times, the students would also bring their dead plants to her and asks whether she could revive this or not. When she got her bachelor’s degree from Northern, Martha was 60 years old.

Martha was very much interested in photography even before she got to Northern. Later a creative photography workshop that she took helped her to spur her interest and it also helped to turn her into a good nature photographer. At present, Martha’s snaps are on display display at the Northern’s Beulah Williams Library. Most of those snaps were clicked in Spring.

She told that it was always very exciting to see that first pasque petal out on the prairie. One of the snaps in the event shows the 1st crocus of the season. For the past 18 years, Martha and her husband Willis have stayed at Mina Lake area. Before that, the couple used to stay in Eureka, where they raised their 4 sons. Mehlhaff told that Mother Nature really has a special beauty of its own and that beauty gives a nature photographer with magnificent treasures.

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