African Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography Online video Ranking: four / 5

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25 Responses to “African Wildlife Photography”

  1. TheBaconlaser Says:

    They are funny. You’re funny too but more in a pathetic loser masturbating over his wildlife video’s kind of way.

  2. lifethroughmylens1 Says:

    Very beautiful photos. One day I’ll make it to Africa, till then I’ll enjoy it through your eyes. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Zaarin2007 Says:

    thanks a lot – always nice to meet an enthusiastic fellow photography. wildlife parks are a great place to practice. they key is to have a good range on your lens – animals rarely get close enough to make good work from anything less than about 150mm – mor typically you’re shooting at 200 and (especially for birds and at sea) up to 500mm – the further away you are, the less you disturb and the more natural behaviour you’re likely to see! i commented on your portraits and wildlife vid

  4. lozziet5 Says:

    wow these are absolutly fantastic!!! realllly beautiful photographs. i use the same camera as you aswell, its a brilliant wee thing. i tend to do more portraits though, although i recently tried out wildlife photography (in a wildlife park) and i wasnt too sure if i had got the hang of it, if you could look at my portraits and wildlife video i would really appreciate a experienced photographers opinion on the photos 🙂

    i really like your work 😀 great job!

  5. Tommy Memed Says:

    cool nice gear and not even sure what i meant with that question lol

  6. Zaarin2007 Says:

    thank you very much!

  7. Zaarin2007 Says:

    thanks – i use a canon eos 400d

  8. Zaarin2007 Says:

    i use a canon eos 400d (rebel xti in america) with canon 18-55mm, sigma 70-300mm and tamron 200-500mm lenses. not sure what you mean by how much?

  9. Zaarin2007 Says:

    thanks so much for your kind comments – the song is an old track by a band called the four brothers from zimbabwe

  10. BigCatsWildlife Says:

    I cant say how many times I have watched this, great shots cant wait until I am able to head off in that direction. Where did you get this song from to use on youtube?

  11. Tommy Memed Says:

    how much if you dont mind me asking and what camera and lens?

  12. Tommy Memed Says:

    how much if you dont mind me asking

  13. josieorr Says:

    1:07 1:52  3:10 my favorites 🙂

  14. josieorr Says:

    What Kind of camera do you use?

  15. Jazzgirl8888 Says:

    Very nice pics ! Enjoyed it ! Wonderful video 🙂

  16. hojop25 Says:

    oh right, thanks :)

  17. Zaarin2007 Says:

    thankyou. outside your house can be a great place to take photos too, as you know where to go looking. i hope you get to africa one day.

  18. Zaarin2007 Says:


  19. Zaarin2007 Says:

    depends on the photo, and what’s happening to it. usually it’s as microstock, which is a few pence a photo, but proper prints have sold for much more, and book publishers even more

  20. Zaarin2007 Says:

    😀 that’s a very popular photo in my gallery

  21. Phuulp Says:

    2:47 my favorite 😀

  22. hojop25 Says:

    how much would you get paid for these?

  23. Zaarin2007 Says:

    thanks a lot 😀
    EOS 400D ( = Rebel Xti in theUSA) + 18-55mm canon lens and sigma 70-300mm f4-5.6 for the telephoto

  24. Zaarin2007 Says:


  25. AnArmedMan Says:

    even i could do better…IN MY BACKYARD!!!!!!!