Cameron snaps at the Metropolitan Museum

Photography is everywhere at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, along with works of the English photographer Julia Margaret Cameron, who is well known for her Victorian figures’ portraits including Thomas Carlyle and Charles Darwin.

The exhibit that runs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art through 5th January, 2014, offers 38 prints from Cameron and illustrates why her photography works continues to draw positive reactions. Recently, a leading US based newspaper reported that the Kolkata born photographer was an accidental hobbyist, but she almost instantly became a gifted photographer.

Julia Margaret Cameron concentrated on subject more than technique. She came to photography on her 48th birthday, in the year 1863, when her son-in-law and daughter gifted a camera so that she could pass her what in contemporary term id called ‘empty nester’ phase.

Taking to the architect inverness with much comfort, Julia Margaret invited a bunch of friends, many of whom were well known personalities as well as thinkers of that period, to sit for her. Those people included poets Alfred Lord Tennyson and Robert Browning, philosopher Thomas Carlyle, scientists John Herschel and Charles Darwin, violinist Joseph Joachim and of course her husband Charles Hay Cameron.

Cameron, the self taught photographer had a romanticized view of artists and life; that view shaped most of her work. The exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art shows the historical contexts.

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