Bearsden photographers impresses judges

Two amateur photographers have gained awards in a well known nature photography contest organized by Scottish Seabird Centre. The magnificent pictures clicked by Neil MacGregor as well as sixteen year old Catherine Sim were chosen from more than five hundred spectacular pictures.

Neil’s picture titled Osprey With Catch was the Scottish Wildlife category winner. And, his snap named Into The Deep won Creative Visions of Nature category. According to reports, Neil stated that it was really nice to get 1st spot in 2 of the most pop categories and a great follow up to his wins in the contest in 2011, where he secured victories in Public Choice and Landscape categories.

He added that this is the 3rd time he has entered Nature Photography Awards and for his pictures to have impressed both the judges as well as the voting public feels special thanks to all who voted. He could not wait to enjoy his prize – a special photography tour to Isle of May along with award winning photographer Lorne Gill.

Hopefully, he would return with some pictures to give for the awards next year. Catherine snatched the 2nd spot with her pictures Rainy Leaf in Juniors (i.e. 12 – 16) category. She, later, told that she was very pleased to be shortlisted for this contest and he was happy to get runner up award in his category as there were a whole lot of magnificent snaps she was up against. She would definitely be entering again next year.

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Drone photography business

Northeast Ohio will see more drones coming as 2 entrepreneurs begun a company utilizing them for different reasons. This may seem like a little helicopter, but this is actually a drone that has an HD Go Pro shooter impounded so the you can capture good aerial snaps.

Few months earlier, Michael Hach and Matthew Vilevak, his business partner, began Cleveland Aerial Media that they run out of Michael’s basement. The two businessmen wanted to begin as aerial drone business that takes still snaps and videos from high above.

Michael Hach told that they would prefer to do concerts sporting events they flew over the Indians stadium and now they have been in dialogues with them — things that could not normally be accomplished on the ground.
The Lakewood city also bought a drone; they are utilizing this to monitor the eroding on lakeside cliff sand CAM team wants to serve. Hach added that they have talked to the Lakewood mayor and they are attempting to be their pilot, a whole lot of people want them to their marriage ceremonies. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ron Lutz gets top photographer award

Watching the world just with a glass lens has been wildlife photographer Ron Lutzs passion for a long time. He told that he has done outdoor photography for the most of his life. Along with his camouflaged camera and its telescope, Lutz has captured the beauty of landscape, wildlife and nature.

Now of his snaps has got the attention of the country. His picture called ‘Red Fox Family won a competition in a magazine named ‘Your Best Shot. This magazine is distributed across the world. Lutz told that this is really a great to win this contest.

Lutz love to shot images of wildlife that contributed his national first prize. Still, Lutz stated that taking snaps of wildlife is anything but easy. He added that he look for unique scopes, mainly with wildlife. Anyone could get a portrait photo. But one where there is action such as eating or doing something unique, it is not easy. This is really a great moment for him as this is something that most people do not get after all their hard work.

Estonian photographers had a magnificent performance at the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013 held previous weekend in Linen in Germany, where 3 photographers from Estonia impressed the event judges.

It was a real double win for the Estonian photographers in mammals category. Sven Zacek got the 1st spot for an image of deer. Mati Kose took the 2nd spot for clicking bats flying on starry background.

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Cameron snaps at the Metropolitan Museum

Photography is everywhere at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, along with works of the English photographer Julia Margaret Cameron, who is well known for her Victorian figures’ portraits including Thomas Carlyle and Charles Darwin.

The exhibit that runs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art through 5th January, 2014, offers 38 prints from Cameron and illustrates why her photography works continues to draw positive reactions. Recently, a leading US based newspaper reported that the Kolkata born photographer was an accidental hobbyist, but she almost instantly became a gifted photographer. Read the rest of this entry »

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Michael Katakis’ relationship with photography

By his very own standards Michael Katakis is more a writer rather than a photographer. Katakis, who has been a estate manager for the Ernest Hemingway for almost fourteen years, told that it is conversations, words and questions which fire his imagination and wonder.

He is always torn between clicking pictures and wanting to interact with people he come across. This is the reason why he take less pictures but those he has taken are brilliant. It has been meaningful and he believes this is the reason why they resonate for people. For some it’s his manchester united art that is amazing.

At present, Michael Katakis is in India to talk about Hemingway e-books’ future with the publisher. He told that he has also come to India to listen to it’s people’s tales. He has come to India to experience one of the oldest civilizations on the planet and he is very happy to be here. Michael is currently working on a brand new book called A Thousand Shards of Glass, which is a serious personal debate about US. The book is set to release in February 2014.

Over thirty five years, Michael Katakis has traveled across the world and documented it through lens as well as with words. He stated that after all this time what keeps him traveling is the stories yet to be told. When he get on a plane or a train or a ship it is as if it is the first time. It was long back that he was infected with a hope to see and know the world and he has never recovered from that malady.

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Aberdeen Photographer turning her attention on nature

When Martha Mehlhaff went to the Northern State University, she stayed like normal college student, though she was in her 50s. Martha spent her junior year saying in one of the Northern’s residence halls. She stayed on Briscoe Hall’s 3rd floor. She told that she wanted to experience the full gamut of college life.

Other students in the college looked at her as a kind of house mother. At times, the students would also bring their dead plants to her and asks whether she could revive this or not. When she got her bachelor’s degree from Northern, Martha was 60 years old.

Martha was very much interested in photography even before she got to Northern. Later a creative photography workshop that she took helped her to spur her interest and it also helped to turn her into a good nature photographer. At present, Martha’s snaps are on display display at the Northern’s Beulah Williams Library. Most of those snaps were clicked in Spring.

She told that it was always very exciting to see that first pasque petal out on the prairie. One of the snaps in the event shows the 1st crocus of the season. For the past 18 years, Martha and her husband Willis have stayed at Mina Lake area. Before that, the couple used to stay in Eureka, where they raised their 4 sons. Mehlhaff told that Mother Nature really has a special beauty of its own and that beauty gives a nature photographer with magnificent treasures.

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Sheffield Photographic Society’s new exhibit

Sheffield Photographic Society arranges their its annual exhibit in a new place, from Saturday – The Workstation. Earlier, the event used to take place at the Sheffield Cathedral, but this year it has moved because of reconstruction works.

Over 180 print pictures, including trophy winners, prints and commended, were selected from more than 300 pictures by a Royal Photographic Society’s member.

The event in a consecrate display area in the premises in Paternoster Row will be inaugurated by Prof Sally Wade, the head of the Sheffield Institute of Art and Head of Art and Design at Hallam University.

There are many pictures of the wildlife that are taken in the Peak District; some pictures were  clicked further afield. One of the pictures is of Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft. There is a bit of  put in by  Adrian Richardson. He clicked the picture of a huge model of the Hogwarts School at a studio show of Warner Brothers in London.

On Saturday and Sunday, the society members will be available to offer their advice on all aspects of taking a good picture, including how to use a camera as well as digital software editing. Visitors can also bring their own cameras in the event.

President Keith Allchin told that they expected that it would encourage people to come along and not only enjoy the images, but to be inspired to find out more about using a camera and photography in general.

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Bernas invites photographers

Avid photographers are invited to take part in Padiberas Nasional Berhad (Bernas) photography contest where top prizes worth over RM 6000 are awaiting for them. A press release stated that the contest which is themed themed ‘Padi, Sawah dan Beras’, needed no registration form as contestants only need send a maximum of 3 8R size pictures together along with the particulars like name, address, IC number, telephone number, contest category, location, e mail address as well as the description of the picture taken.

The competition was launched on 1st Feb by Beras Corporation Sdn Bhd CEO Mohd Kamaluddin Mohd Effendie and it is divided in 2 categories namely media and public and it will end on 20th May. In addition to getting pictures of rice and paddy activities held in the state, the contest is also arranged with the target of educating people on importance of the rice and paddy industry mainly in terms of food contribution and safety towards the farmers.

This contest also provides a scope to the younger people to head down to rice and paddy grounds to produce their best pictures and this would expose them to the livelihood of paddy farmers in the state. Champs from the 2 categories will take away cash prize of RM 1000, certificate as well as a printer whereas the 1st and 2nd runners-up will get RM700 and RM500 respectively with a printer and a certificate. Twenty consolation prizes of certificate and cash will also be there.

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Kasprzak blends photography and art

Terry Kasprzak has taught art for around thirty years beginning from Illinois, his home state and after that he went to Fort Collins. He has a degree from University of Northern Illinois. As the years passed by, he turned into the student and his students turned into his teachers. But, what Terry enjoyed was the spontaneity of his students, their new outlook on life as well as art which was not limited by rigid conceptualized notions.

When he was a kid, Terry contracted rheumatic fever. His parents bought some poster paints and poster board. He used all these materials to draw his favorite cartoon characters of Disney. When he was in the elementary school; he helped his classmates when it used to come to art projects. Terry Kasprzak always credits his motivational teachers for his success as an artist as well as an educator.

The emphasis that he placed on teaching techniques was mainly aimed toward the creativity compared to technique. Terry Kasprzak really feels that this is the proper way in which art must be taught – one must inspire his students. After that, in a students’ life, they would formulate their own identity through style and technique.

Kasprzak, as an artist, made his very first sale at 2nd annual Art in the Park event when it took place on south side of Lake Loveland. It was neither photograph nor painting, rather it was a collage made out of paper and wood – a Victorian style architectural piece.

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