Drone photography business

Northeast Ohio will see more drones coming as 2 entrepreneurs begun a company utilizing them for different reasons. This may seem like a little helicopter, but this is actually a drone that has an HD Go Pro shooter impounded so the you can capture good aerial snaps.

Few months earlier, Michael Hach and Matthew Vilevak, his business partner, began Cleveland Aerial Media that they run out of Michael’s basement. The two businessmen wanted to begin as aerial drone business that takes still snaps and videos from high above.

Michael Hach told that they would prefer to do concerts sporting events they flew over the Indians stadium and now they have been in dialogues with them — things that could not normally be accomplished on the ground.
The Lakewood city also bought a drone; they are utilizing this to monitor the eroding on lakeside cliff sand CAM team wants to serve. Hach added that they have talked to the Lakewood mayor and they are attempting to be their pilot, a whole lot of people want them to their marriage ceremonies.

A man was plowing the roads in the North Olmsted and had to halt when he watched the drone in action. Billy from architects inverness told that he saw Michael setting up the drone in his driveway and he told him that this is really neat, anything you can use those for an aerial shot is a good idea.

Vilevak and Hach are planning to purchase another drone so that they would not have any problem during the time of high demand.

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