Michael Katakis’ relationship with photography

By his very own standards Michael Katakis is more a writer rather than a photographer. Katakis, who has been a estate manager for the Ernest Hemingway for almost fourteen years, told that it is conversations, words and questions which fire his imagination and wonder.

He is always torn between clicking pictures and wanting to interact with people he come across. This is the reason why he take less pictures but those he has taken are brilliant. It has been meaningful and he believes this is the reason why they resonate for people. For some it’s his manchester united art that is amazing.

At present, Michael Katakis is in India to talk about Hemingway e-books’ future with the publisher. He told that he has also come to India to listen to it’s people’s tales. He has come to India to experience one of the oldest civilizations on the planet and he is very happy to be here. Michael is currently working on a brand new book called A Thousand Shards of Glass, which is a serious personal debate about US. The book is set to release in February 2014.

Over thirty five years, Michael Katakis has traveled across the world and documented it through lens as well as with words. He stated that after all this time what keeps him traveling is the stories yet to be told. When he get on a plane or a train or a ship it is as if it is the first time. It was long back that he was infected with a hope to see and know the world and he has never recovered from that malady.

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