Ron Lutz gets top photographer award

Watching the world just with a glass lens has been wildlife photographer Ron Lutzs passion for a long time. He told that he has done outdoor photography for the most of his life. Along with his camouflaged camera and its telescope, Lutz has captured the beauty of landscape, wildlife and nature.

Now of his snaps has got the attention of the country. His picture called ‘Red Fox Family won a competition in a magazine named ‘Your Best Shot. This magazine is distributed across the world. Lutz told that this is really a great to win this contest.

Lutz love to shot images of wildlife that contributed his national first prize. Still, Lutz stated that taking snaps of wildlife is anything but easy. He added that he look for unique scopes, mainly with wildlife. Anyone could get a portrait photo. But one where there is action such as eating or doing something unique, it is not easy. This is really a great moment for him as this is something that most people do not get after all their hard work.

Estonian photographers had a magnificent performance at the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013 held previous weekend in Linen in Germany, where 3 photographers from Estonia impressed the event judges.

It was a real double win for the Estonian photographers in mammals category. Sven Zacek got the 1st spot for an image of deer. Mati Kose took the 2nd spot for clicking bats flying on starry background.

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