What to look for in a tripod (by wildlife photographer Chris Weston)

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25 Responses to “What to look for in a tripod (by wildlife photographer Chris Weston)”

  1. odinata Says:

    I like to use the “3G’s” rule:
    1.  Gitzo
    2. Gitzo
    3. Gitzo

  2. TheOZGolfer Says:

    I’m not sure about this but I know Gitzo are made in France and Sirui are made in China. However if you’re not using heavy equipment you may never notice a difference.

  3. Tilburger72 Says:

    Do you know how Sirui stands up to Gitzo? I’ve read somewhere that it’s a split off the Gitzo company. I like the N2204

  4. MrTylereatsanimals Says:

    I personally think If you own a 600mm 5.6 or something and a d3s that tripod for 500 pounds is affordable…

  5. TheOZGolfer Says:

    Gitzo systematic, excellent tripods I use them myself.

  6. TheOZGolfer Says:

    Nah, you don’t need the blue prints, tripods are extremely easy to reverse engineer. Gitzo wins out with quality of materials. The carbon fiber used in teh Benro is no where near the same standard as those that Gitzo use. I know I’ve used both and regret wasting my money on the Benro.

  7. WildlifePanorama Says:

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  8. 807D14M0ND5 Says:

    Wow that sucks, at least for Gitzo.
    i’ll look into it, thank you.

  9. BigRooster747 Says:

    Most Gitzo models are copied by Benro, to almost the modelnumber. Gitzo wanted to have the tripods made in China only to find the Chinese ran away with Gitzo’s blueprints.

  10. 807D14M0ND5 Says:

    The BENRO is a bit vague. Can you be more specific? (Model?)

  11. riegrieg Says:

    They’re not goats, they’re sheep.

  12. AlfaShedar Says:

    500 gb pounds O_O ..my cammer + lens is cheeper…so once more tool make peoples pro..not skill

  13. ipwnyorass . Says:

    the thicker it is… the more stability it has..

  14. Marauder1981 Says:

    I use a carbon fiber pod for my cam and aluminium for anything else. Works for me.


    Sheep, lol

  16. BigRooster747 Says:

    The BENRO is an exact copy of the GITZO he uses….. only 1/3 the price.

  17. BigRooster747 Says:

    Get a carbon BENRO and a good head not by BENRO.

  18. Tilburger72 Says:

    Does anyone know the brand and type tripod he shows at the end?

  19. pooh1234567890 Says:

    He’s taking a leaf out of Bob Dole’s book!

  20. Henry Stradford Says:

    I like the 3rd person intro :))

  21. willy ekariyono Says:

    nice information

  22. Argantonis Says:

    s2ry0fdyr: They’re sheep…

  23. harpingeorge Says:

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  25. BorisHooiBoef Says:

    I almost fell on the ground laughing! thanks man I needed that. Made my day ^^