Wildlife Photographer, Will Burrard-Lucas: How’d They Do That?

Wildlife Pictures Video Ranking: five / five

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| November 14th, 2012 | Posted in Fire Fish Gallery |

12 Responses to “Wildlife Photographer, Will Burrard-Lucas: How’d They Do That?”

  1. paintusingthelight Says:

    at 6:44 is the 2011 version of battle tank.

  2. Yogesh Sarkar Says:

    Photos might be good, but they seem fairly intrusive for the wild animals, which I do not believe is a good thing.

  3. Zsombor Sándor Says:

    Amazing ! juzaphotography. com

  4. GrimsditchImages Says:

    Awesome video, but I really sort of don’t like it when people say “really sort of.” WHICH IS IT, “REALLY” or “SORT OF?”

  5. joeyjoiner14 Says:

    I heard sirens at 14:15, maybe those Gorillas bit somebody, hehe

  6. Wayne Howarth Says:

    Hey MArk lots of great information, thanks. I like the remote control car with the camera and flashes, that could be used in sports like skate boarding, BMX, etc.

  7. BrotherBloat Says:

    that’s a great video indeed!

    Speaking of wildlife – Mark, would you be able to get Paul Nicklen on the show some time?

  8. nada1985baghdad1 Says:

    thank you for this great video

  9. DavidLTG Says:

    can you hire me???

  10. fachrysfirst Says:

    komodo dragon its in Indonesia 😀 , my country 😀

  11. Mosgaard Says:

    Now that’s life, make a living of your hobby 🙂

  12. Ahmad M. Hailan Says:

    thanx a lot mark