Autistic Boy Exhibits Talent in Photography

For a long time Morgan Wolfers, an autistic kid, has been known for his disability.

But things are now changed as he is showing his skills in Photography. According to his mother, people used to treat him very badly because of his abnormality.

Morgan’s autism was diagnosed at the age of three. Now, 10 years old Morgan shares that it is not always easy for him to concentrate and sometimes he finds it pretty difficult. He is the student of Free Horizon Montessori that is located in Golden. Miranda Anderson, his teacher, says that Morgan acts in a different way in school. She also says that his teachers need to give him clear direction or else it is difficult for him to understand.

A proper direction and clarity are all that Mr. and Mrs. Wolfers, along with Morgan, are in search for, especially when they all go on hiking in the beautiful mountains situated in Jefferson County. At this time Morgan has shown his love for photography by taking some beautiful snaps while hiking.

According to Mr. Adam Wolfers, who is the father of Morgan, autism has an important effect in Morgan’s photography. He also believes that Morgan has the capacity to see things which are otherwise overlooked by normal people. His love for photography just started as a hobby, and it was his mother’s phone that he used for taking photographs. Now photography is his passion, and he is willing to have a business related to this in near future.

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| October 10th, 2016 | Posted in Fire Fish Gallery |

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