Diary of a Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife Photography Video clip Score: 4 / five

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21 Responses to “Diary of a Wildlife Photographer”

  1. KCey007 Says:

    what a lovely thought… keep up the good work.. cheers

  2. janlatta1 Says:

    Follow your dream, everything is possible. I create images so children can learn about endangered animals for my series of True to Life Books. It’s so rewarding .

  3. Milan Kundera Says:


  4. maikicba Says:

    What a great job. I´m sports and events photographer in Argentina. But I dream about going to Africa and take pictures like yours. Gear is so expensive here, but I think I could manage myself with the gear I have (nikon D3. 70-200 2.8, teleconverter 1.4x). Congratulations on your images. Best Wishes for you and thanks for sharing what you do, it is so inpiring to those like me who dream about doing that someday.!

  5. janlatta1 Says:

    Yes, wildlife photography is possible from a wheelchair. I spend a lot of time sitting in a jeep patiently waiting to take photographs. You can be sitting comfortably in your wheelchair. Good luck and enjoy the journey.

  6. MrDiamonds01 Says:

    I am wheelchair user is wildlife photography possible for someone in my situation do you think ok obvious not the kind of amazing stuff your able to do but uk wildlife 

  7. janlatta1 Says:

    I love what I do and willing to take risks to create books for children on endangered animals. But usually, if I do all my research, and have a good local guide, I’m safe.

  8. loveappleproduct Says:

    Cant Imagine you are riskin ur own life for some awesome pics is too brave….Now thats called a PHOTOGRAPHER……..Ohh i mean WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER

  9. janlatta1 Says:

    Thanks. You must go to Africa and follow your dream. I’m so lucky to be doing something I love, and helping children understand endangered animals. I went to Borneo in September to create Ollie the orangutan book. It should be on utube and my website tomorrow.

  10. moofilms2121 Says:

    You have no idea on how jealous I am of you. I’d love to go to Africa for a shoot, and stay in my hut. Wait till the sun starts to rise go out and take pictures. To learn to live on my own and to adapt. I can’t wait to go out and buy your book. Simply inspirational. Makes me want to go out and take pictures again.
    I used to have pictures of Africa all over my wall as a kid. Wish one day I’ll be the one taking the photos.

  11. janlatta1 Says:

    I wish I could hold a 600mm lense! Just watched your video, it’s great! Nice to meet another self-taught photographer. I learnt in the wild with Karl Ammann, a famous wildlife photographer. He was generous with his time and knowledge.

  12. janlatta1 Says:

    Also see African Safari with Jan Latta on you tube. I filmed this in February in Samburu and the Maasi Mara,

  13. janlatta1 Says:

    Yes, it’s a wonderful thing to do. Especially when photographs can tell a story in a book so children can learn about endangered animals.

  14. hemming57 Says:

    That’s you’re first taste of being a wildlife photographer………..rejection! Get use to it. Lots of talented people out there. That’s your competition. Especially now, the bottom dropped out of publishing in 2009. Lots of things are being done house. OUTSIDE magazine still owes me for doing an article for them 7 months ago! That’s how tough it is out there. Talent and persistance will win out. If Goblinia want to do it, so be it but be a where if the pressures involved.

  15. hemming57 Says:

    Forget it! You’ll never make it!

  16. janlatta1 Says:

    To be a wildlife photographer you must first learn all about the animals you want to photograph. I learnt photography in the wild in Africa, India and up the mountains in China. Take lessons from a photographer who has had experience in the wild. Good luck!

  17. goblinia Says:

    please help me out i really want t o be a wildlife photographer but i m not sure wat education i should get??
    is it arts??? or wat please help

  18. speckyprick Says:

    Good to see that not all great pictures are taken with D3’s and lenses longer than your arm and more expensive than a car.

  19. Bethany Brown Says:


  20. janlatta1 Says:

    The camerman who shot the film is not available to reply as he’s somewhere in Africa at the moment. For all my still photographs on the video I’m using a Nikon F90, 120 lense and digital Nikon D90.

  21. chriselpuma Says:

    What type of lenses did u use?