Photography Techniques : How to Shoot Wildlife Photography

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| January 19th, 2015 | Posted in Fire Fish Gallery |

5 Responses to “Photography Techniques : How to Shoot Wildlife Photography”

  1. zzxzqwq Says:

    So need a long lens then. To get a far away from them a get good views OK
    then. Wide angle could be issue then.

  2. John0eer3 Says:

    I like what you said except for having to have a minimum of 300mm lens
    because I get really close to animals and I only have a 70mm lens

  3. freelanderjason Says:

    i’ve photographed lions and tigers in their natural habitat and I wouldn’t
    like to do that with a 70mm lens!

  4. fuzzymonkey79 Says:

    Guys this is why i have a ghulie suit walmart 70$ helps so much

  5. AmateurPhotography Says:

    Great photography!!!!