Sigma 150-500mm Initial Test (Wildlife Photography)

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| April 14th, 2015 | Posted in Fire Fish Gallery |

20 Responses to “Sigma 150-500mm Initial Test (Wildlife Photography)”

  1. mattandhisnikon Says:

    @Aleksandaryt Ummmm… Of course, why wouldnt it?

  2. puiselo Says:

    “you don’t get very close to them.” that’s exactly the point, AF from far
    away is easy, but when you are 3 meters away from a diving bird you just
    simply can’t catch it with AF… besides, manual focusing is far more
    reliable, at least if you know how to do it. though many people are too
    lazy to use it nowadays…

  3. puiselo Says:

    when the birds fly off they can reach speeds up to 80km/h… if you are
    close to them there is no chance the AF will get them

  4. mattandhisnikon Says:

    @wolfr65 Thanks! I plan on doing a review, but as stated in the video, I’ve
    only had about 45mins with the lens 😛

  5. StarStruckFilms101 Says:

    great pics! you could go pro!

  6. Captain Cocoa Puffs Says:

    Taking a picture of a moving subject, using manual focus? Are you insane?

  7. anders1621 Says:

    What camera settings did you use for these photos..?

  8. puiselo Says:

    for birds you should use manual focus…

  9. zinc4life Says:

    yes. nikons do

  10. Marky Mark Says:

    Were these taken wide open? They look a little soft

  11. Captain Cocoa Puffs Says:

    Tell that to my 100-400mm L who gets them fine. I photograph raptors, and
    believe you me, you don’t get very close to them.

  12. ProjectShift Says:

    would you recommend this lens for sport photography ?

  13. Robert Wolf Says:

    Nice images, a review would be good…. Cheers

  14. Sidney Keele Says:

    Oh I adore photographing birds. Quick question if you could answer please;
    I have been looking at lenses and I currently have a 55-300mm from Nikkor.
    The autofocus speed is incredibly slow and doesn’t work well with wildlife
    so I was wondering how fast is the auto focus on this sigma lens? Thank
    you, and magnificent photos for a quick shoot!

  15. Jonah White Says:

    Those are some ugly ass birds!

  16. JannikT Says:

    the Bokeh is not so beautiful

  17. mattandhisnikon Says:

    @StarStruckFilms101 That,s the dream, my friend!

  18. Alex Stojanovic Says:

    can it autofocus on a D2X after f 5.6?

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