Kasprzak blends photography and art

Terry Kasprzak has taught art for around thirty years beginning from Illinois, his home state and after that he went to Fort Collins. He has a degree from University of Northern Illinois. As the years passed by, he turned into the student and his students turned into his teachers. But, what Terry enjoyed was the spontaneity of his students, their new outlook on life as well as art which was not limited by rigid conceptualized notions.

When he was a kid, Terry contracted rheumatic fever. His parents bought some poster paints and poster board. He used all these materials to draw his favorite cartoon characters of Disney. When he was in the elementary school; he helped his classmates when it used to come to art projects. Terry Kasprzak always credits his motivational teachers for his success as an artist as well as an educator.

The emphasis that he placed on teaching techniques was mainly aimed toward the creativity compared to technique. Terry Kasprzak really feels that this is the proper way in which art must be taught – one must inspire his students. After that, in a students’ life, they would formulate their own identity through style and technique.

Kasprzak, as an artist, made his very first sale at 2nd annual Art in the Park event when it took place on south side of Lake Loveland. It was neither photograph nor painting, rather it was a collage made out of paper and wood – a Victorian style architectural piece.

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