Wild Photo Adventures TV Series 201

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| November 18th, 2012 | Posted in Fire Fish Gallery |

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  1. douggardner1 Says:

    Just so there is no confusion, these are not scopes they are actual camera lenses. Scopes are magnified layers of glass (much like a lens) that you look directly through viewing only not photography. My longest lenses are 500mm and 600mm. I use Canon brand equipment.
    Thanks for watching!

  2. applepiebetty Says:

    I hear you say your large scope is a 500mm, but I have not heard what the really long one is that you use for like birds? And is this a combination of scopes or just one? Also…What brand of camera do you prefer? I just found out about your show so haven’t seen much yet. I like what I have seen though. Thanks!

  3. douggardner1 Says:

    Please visit our website (wildphotoadventures com) to view all the new shows of Season 3.

  4. TheNatureguy01 Says:

    Hiya Doug, will you be posting any new videos here this year, I have been enjoying the shows you have posted here already, I do wildlife photography here in Alberta , Canada , hope to see more from you soon

  5. Edititngtutorials Says:

    do you only carry a 500mm? do you ever take a 70-200?

  6. douggardner1 Says:

    Oh and by the way, before anyone asks about my Orange jacket. Most large mammals are color blind, only able to see shades of grey.

  7. douggardner1 Says:

    Yes, do talk about stalking techniques in many of the shows, however in this particular show we where in a national park and the animals are accustom to seeing people. Even at that it is important to approach slowly and quietly, wearing neutral toned, dark or camo clothing. With most animals you should always try to approach from the thickest cover in the area….moving from tree to tree or bush to bush and staying in the shade as much as possible.

  8. football1213 Says:

    What lens are you using?

  9. Jakob1056687 Says:

    What camera do you use
    Thank you 🙂

    / Jakob

  10. starthi Says:

    how did u make those colors pop out on the pic? because on the video, there is no tht strong of yellow and green colors on background. do u use a editing software?
    and i notice, when taking focusing on something white, every thing else became dark, and when focusing on something dark ( like the skin of the moose) every thing else, became too white? how do you slove this problem? ps i love youer show!!!

  11. douggardner1 Says:

    Season 1 and 2 were shot in widescreen standard definition, but starting with Season 3 everything with be in HD and available across the entire US.

  12. douggardner1 Says:

    Many years of being a outdoorsman and a hunter have helped me develop an understanding of  an animals behavior and patterns. Understanding how blinds and camoflage work is imperative.

  13. douggardner1 Says:

    I generally only use fill flash for birds, reptiles and insects. (but not game birds like turkey or waterfowl) Small songbirds and some shorebirds are really the only ones that will tolerate it. I never use flash with mammals.

  14. smithphotograthy Says:

    Hello i was wondering if you use a flash for your wildlife?

  15. theFSXsimmer Says:

    how do you get so close to the animals? It seems so impossible…

  16. HillClimbersForum Says:

    that aint no cheap lenses either, id love to have one someday.

  17. douggardner1 Says:

    Thank you! Stay tuned for Season 3 in HD.

  18. douggardner1 Says:

    Seasons 1 & 2 were all shot in SD but beginning with Season 3 everything will be shot in HD.

  19. douggardner1 Says:

    The big tele lens that is seen in most of my videos is as Canon 500mm f4.

  20. 82ngt Says:

    hy!what lens do you use for these videos?i am a wildlife photographer,i`m kind of at the begining of this.i want a tele lens….

  21. Zahid Hussain Abid Says:

    R these videos not in high defination (HD) avaialable.

  22. Recon9143 Says:

    First view nice video