Wild Photo Adventures TV Series 202

Wildlife Photography Video clip Score: 4 / 5

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| November 13th, 2012 | Posted in Fire Fish Gallery |

24 Responses to “Wild Photo Adventures TV Series 202”

  1. TheStormeister Says:

    Actually how do they prove that animals can only see certain colours?

    I personally feel you are a bit striped to wear Red as if you wear black it would be better still as you might see another animal in the process that does see red better. And for hunters I think you are a sook come to the outback here in Australia lol.

  2. khurramChaudhary Says:

    5% photography, 95% talking.

  3. andrewinpompey Says:

    Love your videos. They are the next best thing to actually being there!!

  4. douggardner1 Says:

    because i normally shoot in situations where full camo is required…..the camo stays on my lens all the time and it helps protect the lens for dings. As for the color issue; the lens is white under the camo so to an animal it will show up as white

  5. Emily Wolf Says:

    than why camo the lens since its probly grey or black?

  6. 2011blueman Says:

    To hunt requires a special use permit in there and to my knowledge it has to be a guided hunt from one of the outfitters. Being shot isn’t going to happen.

    On the other hand the colored jacket is completely irrelevant, so why not. The animals in the Tetons are very use to humans and as long as you keep a save distance you could be in a clown outfit for all they care.

  7. whisperingpictures Says:

    You need to also tell hderoest that you don’t need a Land Rover and it doesn’t have to be green!

  8. kleinermunsterlande Says:

    Alot of animal talk and not so much photo talk…

  9. justin peden Says:

    you seem like a smart mouth in your comments so i dislike

  10. f1azp Says:

    I might be wrong, but I think he’s using a Canon 1D with a 500mm lens. You can get them for 10 grand give or take a couple of thousands. If money is not an issue I would go for a Canon 7D with a 70mm-200mm F2.8 lens and a 2x extender.

  11. GingaBoySwag Says:

    Hey man just a question…so i love photography and i was looking for a good camera then i ran along your profile…what type of camera are you using> im looking to do a MAJOR upgrade price doesnt really matter! thanks bud!

  12. kbudiarto Says:

    looks like hderoest got owned! i guess he never went hunting before.

  13. john101477 Says:

    the teleconverter will not work on the consumer zoom lenses like the 70-300mm. great versatile lens though

  14. KWCARVING Says:

    i wish i could afford to do this as a job!, i cant even afford to get a decent lens right now for all my wild life i use the nikkor 105mm f.2.8 micro haha not exactly the best for it

  15. douggardner1 Says:

    Actually “fool” might be the right choice of words! Like most large mammals, they only see “black & white” or shades of grey. So my red jacket seen in B&W appears dark grey. The camo stays on my lens all the time and the reason I wore a red jacket is for safety from hunters mistaken me for an animal and it adds a nice splash of color too!

  16. hderoest Says:

    camo on the lens, and wear a RED jacket…. OK… i get it…. i’m the fool.

  17. Mark Adams Says:

    Whats the difference between a bison and a bufalo?? You cant wash your hands in a buffalo…………well i think that one works better if you have a Devon accient. Great video really enjoyed it. thank you.

  18. pepi vlaykova Says:

    Interesting film and very nice pics.

  19. chackk12 Says:

    I’m jelaous

  20. SlingerDun Says:

    Could you recommend the 1.7 x teleconvertor for consumer zoom lenses like the AF 70-210 or 70-300

  21. MrMonkwood Says:

    Do you or can you do a beginners series? Like how to started in that kinda business and what is a good starter camera.

  22. tsunamiplayer3 Says:

    same song as the vid “patience in the field” by mauromedia loooool

  23. 7Royalty Says:

    I agree with jerseyman.

  24. jerseyman9080 Says:

    Wish he’d talk more about Aperture, Camera, Exposure, Settings and Tips of Photography than he talk about Animals.