Wild Photo Adventures TV Series 205

Wildlife Images Video clip Rating: four / five

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| November 16th, 2012 | Posted in Fire Fish Gallery |

24 Responses to “Wild Photo Adventures TV Series 205”

  1. kLneeel Says:

    congrats mate. very intersting show. keep it up!

  2. Alexander Krebs Says:

    Hi Doug, I really like your show. I´m also doing nature photography as a hobby. Based in Europe, Germany. I hope that your show is coming back online to watch full episodes again. I really enjoy it.

    Greetings Alex

  3. douggardner1 Says:

    I think it was the Canon 1D Mark3

  4. MattzDude Says:

    Hey dude , just out of curiosity what camera were you using in this video?

  5. willy ekariyono Says:


  6. jun ling Says:

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  7. KCey007 Says:

    hi… could you advice me if should go for a 500mm IS II or 600mm IS…thxx

  8. Inzane13371 Says:

    What about the camera?

  9. Justin Rosaria Says:

    true definition of the off white canon L lens haha

  10. ConnorStefPhoto Says:

    note: those are LIttle Blue Herons and not Reddish Egrets

  11. kakka kepponen Says:

    Your biggest enemy is snapping turtle! Imagine stepping on one of those!


    What the mic you use??

  13. valleystina Says:

    In Alaska, it is at it’s coldest when you can get your best photographing opportunities.

  14. chris10324 Says:

    Hey Doug do you have a email i would like to talk to you

  15. douggardner1 Says:

    In this show I’m using a Canon 500mm f4. Thanks Doug

  16. Aiden de Bruyn Says:

    What type of lens are you using there? I’m sorry if it has been pointed out already :s

  17. David Hasselberg Says:

    Even more true. Even though people who are looking into buying a camera (because you need one to take photos) should know that it’s mainly not about the camera brand, amount of megapixels etc. Of course they count, but the optics are far more important, which is all in the lens.

  18. MrFloppywaffles Says:

    What about ‘its the photographer, not the equipment’?

  19. greeneya3 Says:

    Do you know of any places like this in the UK by any chance?

  20. Art543 Says:

    Great Video with great lessons

  21. gianniluccheo Says:

    i love your job

  22. bigfoot3270 Says:

    Enjoy this Thankyou!

  23. Donnie Bagwell Says:


  24. David Hasselberg Says:

    It’s not about the camera, it’s about the lens.