Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Pictures Video clip Score: 4 / five

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| November 19th, 2012 | Posted in Fire Fish Gallery |

25 Responses to “Wildlife Photography”

  1. gumdrops342 Says:

    Wow really??! Pretty good, then!

  2. Michaela8624xoxo Says:


  3. MrsTylerNicole Says:

    WOW. these photos are amazing! great job

  4. lozziet5 Says:

    wow these are brilliant! would you mind taking a look at my wildlife photos and telling me what you think, i dont normally do wildlife stuff but the opportunity came up and i took it, would really like someones opinion who has more experience with it. 🙂

    really fabulous shots you have there 😀

  5. DominicRuit Says:

    (Exhibit = habitat)

  6. DominicRuit Says:

    Thanks a lot!
    It wasn’t always possible to get a better composition, because of the exhibit the animals live in (all photo’s are taken at the local Zoo 🙂 )

  7. Michael Rowlandson Says:

    nice work!, just got to watch the horizon line on some of the shots, getting down to the subjects level as much as possible helps create a more dynamic image with greater impact. ;D.

  8. AlphaWolf1996 Says:

    These are very nice. 2.06 is really fantastic! But so are these-
    I’m no real expert but I would just say, if it doesn’t sound too rude, that maybe it’s best not to use the flash on close ups (particularly of reptiles or birds with reflective feathers) and avoid it on shots where you focus on the eye (like one of the tiger ones) because, especially in feline and canine eyes, all the light bounces back into the camera and makes it look colourless and flat.
    Well done though ;D

  9. DominicRuit Says:

    Thanks 🙂

  10. sergiesmax1 Says:

    nice well done.I realy like your wolf shots for me they were the best.

  11. DominicRuit Says:

    It’s a Marabou Stork. And thanks! 🙂

  12. DrawASketch Says:

    what in godsname kind of bird is it at 3:22? damn!
    very nice pictures tough

  13. InFlames309 Says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos, your eye for composition etc has given me many ideas.

  14. DominicRuit Says:

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  15. fpixro Says:

    Very nice photos. Congratulations!

  16. tommytucker8157 Says:

    lovely photos mate, thanks for sharing.

  17. john fehilly Says:

    if you bring your nikon d50 – 55-200mm lens out early on a forest walk you can take photos milles better than thoes

  18. firehorse74 Says:

    i use nikon 70/200 2.8 which is an amazing lens you can also use a tele converter which allows you to get close!

  19. 040506keri Says:

    Cheers mate.

  20. DominicRuit Says:

    Yeah… High tech equipment can help a lot, but it’s not the main priority to make good photo’s.
    You can have the best equipment their is, but if you don’t know how to use it, your photo’s still will end up like crap 😉

    Good luck with your search for a nice cam!

  21. 040506keri Says:

    Wow! It goes to show you that its not really all about the best equipment at the end of the day, its how you use it and also having a good eye for composition etc. Well thanks for your reply its been a lot more helpful than you might think. Great photos, keep snapping!

  22. DominicRuit Says:


    I’m not sure what lenses you should be thinking about for the future. Depends on what kind of wildlife you’d like to ‘shoot’ I think. If it’s wildlife you can’t reach to close, you should think about a good zoomlens I guess. However… taking a picture of wildlife in their natural habitats can be beautiful too. A wide angle lenses would fit better than I think.

    But I’m most certainly no expert, so you could better ask someone in a photography-store 🙂

  23. DominicRuit Says:

    Thanks for the compliment!

    Actually, I don’t have a high end camera and lenses at all.

    Most of the photo’s in this movie are shot with my Nikon D50 (with 18-55mm & 55-200mm lenses). A lot of other photo’s in this movie are even shot with my first camera, which was a compact camera: Canon Powershot G3.

  24. 040506keri Says:

    Beautiful! i am going to buy the canon 40D with the 17-85 is lens. What lenses should i be thinking about for the future? Wildlife photography is what i am drawn to but need guidance on equipment. You obviously have a high end camera and lenses?

  25. Wolfsblut55 Says:

    Unglaublich schön, einmalig, wundervoll !
    Vielen Dank für dieses KLASSE-Video mit den traumhaften Bildern und sehr guter Musik-Untermalung !!!