Wildlife Photography in Congaree National Park Part 1

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| February 11th, 2012 | Posted in Fire Fish Gallery |

20 Responses to “Wildlife Photography in Congaree National Park Part 1”

  1. Jetfire268 Says:

    I think you got photography mixed up hunting.

  2. Colin Knight Says:

    @l67swap1 as important as water. Haha

  3. l67swap1 Says:

    Quick draw the off .. lol I gotta try that 😉

  4. ThePhotoXpeditions Says:

    Wildlife Photography is a passion for many people. Its limits are boundless and it can become your profession if you put your heart and soul into it. Congaree is just a perfect venue for that passion – thank you for sharing!

  5. cemput33 Says:

    0:30 Bugs spray ? ha ha ha…

  6. Gunner5053 Says:

    Thanks for your in-depth description of your gear. It’s a real must for me! I also watched the video you posted, the one outside your house snapping a Bluebird. You covered, exposure times, settings and also the reason for using a flash on the day. I believe as a consequence of your absolute coverage my photography has now improved. Many thanks. By the way, well done on winning a pair of binoculars.

  7. CAJUNNSC Says:

    Nice video, I just walked a nice trail today and for those that don’t know, 30 pounds feels like 100 pounds after about 20 or so minutes so, pack light as you can… and be ready to pack up and head out…But always make sure you didn’t leave anything or drop anything. You won’t want to to go back and retrieve it later..if you can even find it..Lens caps, filter and such tend to disappear easily on the trail! Thanks Man!

  8. sveine86 Says:

    u havent seen many mosquito’s before u have been at Finnmarksvidda in north Norway.

  9. FrobblOo Says:

    sry my english isnt the best in understanding spoken english. what do you use the flash for in nature photography and tele lens?

  10. King Ian David Says:

    just like blairwitch project!!!

  11. assassin616 Says:

    lol, like you had to tell us there was a bug on the camera 5*

  12. theundefined18 Says:

    LOL at the random bug on the camera

  13. wlnatur Says:

    Very nice Video beste grüße fr germany Wolfgang

  14. Snakeman418 Says:

    You like snakes and photography, just like me. Keep up the good work and good luck on your shots.

  15. Narkodas Says:

    It certainly looks like a nice bag, and it’s pretty usefull to store a lens like that inside the bag that easily.
    Sadly, it is a fact photography equipment is expensive most of the time yeah..

  16. Narkodas Says:

    What camera bag did you use in this video? It looked quite nice.

  17. parr0th3ad88 Says:

    You from the Columbia, SC area?

  18. heyheyheybra Says:

    I have been using my Canon 40D for about a year now and I’m wanting to upgrade to a 50D very soon but I have been hearing rumours of a 60D to be released at the end of tghe year that comes with HD video! Has anyone else heard of this??

  19. xgusROX Says:

    Haven’t watched part two yet but so far this is exactly the sort of video iv’e been looking for, nice job and nice lens.
    Subbed : )

  20. FischerPhotography Says:

    Good Video. What camera were you using? I don’t think you said. I use the Canon 40D with the canon 600mm lens. I’ll head over and watch part two!!