Wildlife photography showcase planned

Local wildlife will be the centre of attraction on Sunday, at a photo exhibit at the Estero Llano Grande State Park located in Weslaco. Photographer Steve Sinclair would showcase dozens and dozens of prints exhibiting the amazing diversity of wild animals of South Texas  birds, mammals, insects and reptiles, along with a few vistas.

The showcase lasts from 10 am to 4 pm and it is free for public, though regular fees are required to visit the rest of the park. Refreshments will be available. Along with this, original prints would be there on sale with money raised handed to the United States Fish & Wildlife Service to buy trail cameras to find new ocelots.

In the United States, there are less than 80 ocelots; all can be seen in some isolated pockets in South Texas. Ocelots are on United States Endangered Species list as well as among the rarest mammals seen in this nation.

These little spotted cats were once constituted in South Texas and parts of Arkansas and Louisiana, but agricultural and urbanization uses have cut down their thorn brush habitats to some pockets. Just smaller than bobcats, ocelots have longer tails and they are hardly seen. These secretive creatures are most active at night and the feed on birds and rodents.

Meanwhile, Tim Laman, a rainforest field biologist by day, has used all his science expertise to make a career in taking pictures of endangered as well as lesser-known creatures for publications like National Geographic. From mental to physical preparation required for trips to remote areas.

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