Wildlife Photography Tips From Cristina Mittermei

Wildlife Images Video clip Score: three / five

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| November 15th, 2012 | Posted in Fire Fish Gallery |

24 Responses to “Wildlife Photography Tips From Cristina Mittermei”

  1. Jonathan bren ballan Says:

    thanks this video is gona help me alot good tips i am living in tortuguero costa rica wit over 400 diferen bird species i have plenty of oportunities to practice thanks alot

  2. Sssmoothy Says:

    lol her last name is Mittermeier, not “Mittermei” as the title and description say..

  3. MindTrek00 Says:

    Good point. Any idea how much insurance is for photo equipment?

  4. Paul Mo Says:

    I am in the same boat as you, but these pros sell their images at a rate where they can afford comprehensive (no questions asked) insurance. And they get great shots because they are willing to do the hard work and find the ideal camera position.

  5. MindTrek00 Says:

    I love shooting wild life but setting my camera and tripod in water just isn’t gonna happen – so many things that can happen to tun your nice expensive camera into a wet paper weight!!

  6. john mckenzie Says:

    a load of time load of money  load of shit

  7. porschepanamera92 Says:

    It’s sad that I’m happy to see such great comment like this one on youtube. Everyone should be albe to think straight instead of talking with their head in their asses… Anyhow, I agree 🙂

  8. ksearles85 Says:


  9. kokobobonono Says:

    70-400 G

  10. Lincoshop Says:

    Low light event photography
    see:w w w.youtube.com/watch?v=OTGlK2RNeYg&feature=plcp

  11. javih36vv Says:

    A couple of years lol…Take a look at the other Sony products. Plastic s**t.

  12. Sputteeee Says:

    What lens is that?

  13. mproxxx Says:

    Oh boy…Just as someone uses a different camera than Canikon, fanboy comments immediately ruin everything with their highly retarded sentences aka “shit sony, ugh sony etc.”
    If you consider yourself a photographer, but at the same time you say those immature things, then let me tell you something: You are not one, and with that behaviour you will never be one. A real photographer uses the equipment that he has and makes the best out of it, regardless of their brand.
    Anyway, this is a great vid.

  14. MrSmithstudios Says:

    hah the lens look silver because of the sun nut ts actually white

  15. Prince Charles John Says:

    I’m a loser? Saying I’m an asshole is one thing. I said a rude thing…. yes. Saying that I’m a loser… you’re just as bad as me. Hypocrite.

  16. Guayabero1977 Says:

    Not just a troll, but an asshole and loser as well. 😉

  17. comfortouch Says:

    “Get a bigger lens” LOL… see size DOES matter!

  18. cybagooseuk Says:

    Great info, loved the footage !

  19. alexmat65 Says:

    Hi Cristina, was there any crocodile there?

  20. Faron Kee Says:

    OMG look at 0:28 you can see the piss going down her leg!

  21. Faron Kee Says:

    Really? You just had to get in the water for that shot. How pretentious.

  22. masongalbraith Says:

    i feel like if she brought the tripod down the pictures would of been a bit better but thats just me

  23. b1tTutorials Says:

    i love USSR & GDR lenses because they are sharp,have nice bokeh and are cheap. 🙂

  24. Chris Andonoski Says:

    god i love sony… they get better and better… look at sony a77