Wildlife Photography with Ben Clewis at Lake Marion SC

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| November 19th, 2012 | Posted in Fire Fish Gallery |

25 Responses to “Wildlife Photography with Ben Clewis at Lake Marion SC”

  1. mycompasstv Says:

    Lovely work, Brava!

  2. gkalin123 Says:

    Awesome photos ! Thanks for sharing !

  3. freezazoid Says:

    a really long lens in broad daylight….. Your flash isn’t doing anything. Even at night with that long of a lens it would be barely noticeable if at all.

  4. breanna cale Says:

    i am frome the south and i do the same thing

  5. extremefx123 Says:

    Great video, nice shots, wish it was warmer here in canada when I’m wading around in the water.
    check out my video “life through my lens intro” on youtube, it’s my first try and I can only get better at filming, I only wish I had $30.000 dollars to spend on a video camera.

  6. rorycophotography Says:

    you seem to have got some stunning shots, hope you had a good time.

  7. patrob5501 Says:

    In the video I’m using a canon 1d mark IIn, I started photography with a Pentax K1000. I got serious when I got a Nikon 8008n and a 300mm lens

  8. Tommy Memed Says:

    What cam? What was your first lens and what camera did you start of with

  9. Tommy Memed Says:

    What cam?

  10. patrob5501 Says:

    I’m sure you meant does the flash scare the animals. well yes and no sometime the reaction from the flash is very good images.

  11. Emily Wolf Says:

    are you using a 500mm telephoto? btw what camera is that?

  12. Emily Wolf Says:

    wtf?! no animals cannot scare a flash given as how its not alive

  13. xia0chipmunk Says:

    Lol @ 1:30 “Whut?”

  14. FinlandApollo Says:

    Does animals scare the flash?

  15. baldurus1 Says:

    Very nice.

  16. imagetj1 Says:

    Hey that cool, I’ve been there I live in MB if you like check out my videos on youtube

  17. chriselpuma Says:

    wildlife photography

  18. pedalman Says:

    Hi, that is not me in the video…..I avoid swamps.

  19. attilakegyes Says:

    When you standing in a swamp how you cahnge bodies or converters? I didn’t se any of them with you! Not much easier just turn a zoom ring?

    Other question? Why you shooting in continuous mode? Because its sounds better and not cost you, or do you use bracketing?

  20. pedalman Says:

    Hi SPOTGREEN ,I dont have a zoom, some shots I miss, yes, but I also get some ‘cos I dont have to zoom, so its swings and roundabouts.
    I get a big range of focal lengths with converters and DX & FX bodies .
    I use a 400mm 2.8 prime lens with 1.7x (gives f4.5) & 2.0x (gives f5.6) converters
    With the 2.0x converter and DX body (1.5x sensor) I get 1200mm f5.6 !! awesome.
    Ive got real fast at changing converters and bodies and I get a massive range from 400mm, 600mm, 680mm, 800mm, 1020mm, 1200mm.

  21. nicholas caruana Says:

    andrew are u a maltesse photographer me too =)

  22. fpixro Says:

    Nice places you have there. Must be fun. Congratulations!

  23. andrewgauciattard Says:

    great work mate…. i really like wild life photography… pity in malta we dont have much of it but would like to shoot in lake marion. Always keep in mine this….. NO GUTS NO GLORY 🙂

  24. benswildlife Says:

    The 100-400mm Canon is a great lens to carry on your should for hand hold while the 500mm is on a tripod. That’s the way I did it for a while.

  25. spotgreeen Says:

    could you tell us your lense selection. I want to get into birding, and am looking at the 100-400mm zoom plus the 500mm canon